The Advantages of Specialized Wall Beds

When space is an issue, Wilding Wallbeds can provide the perfect solution. Fold-up beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them the ideal solution for just about any room. Read on to find out about a few different kinds of fold-up beds and the advantages they confer on homeowners.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are the most well-known style of wall bed. They are designed to be light and easy to use, allowing homeowners to pull them out from the wall at night, then return them to their upright cabinets during the day so the rest of the room can still be used. Murphy beds are also available as bunk beds, which are perfect for kids’ rooms and playrooms.

Desk Beds

For those with limited space, converting a home office into a temporary guest room can make the difference between being able to comfortably accommodate guests and forcing family and friends to choose between sleeping rough and spending money on motel rooms during their visits. Desk beds are designed to give residents a desk to work at during the day, then fold down simply into a cozy full-sized bed at night. Amazingly, they do all this without disturbing the contents of the desk.

Bookcase Beds

Bookcase wall beds are designed to incorporate a bed into the wall behind easy to move bookshelves. These shelves can simply be moved aside without disturbing any of their contents to allow the bed behind them to unfold. This type of wall bed provides a discreet and elegant solution to extra sleeping space.

Hidden Storage Beds

Hidden storage beds are not technically wall beds. Instead of folding out from the wall, they fold up to expose a large and accommodating storage area beneath the bed.

Power Wall Beds

For those with mobility or strength issues, traditional wall beds can be a bit of a hassle. Power wall beds provide a solution by allowing the entire bed to unfold automatically with the simple push of a button. All moving parts and electronic components come with a warranty.

Sleep Clinic Beds

Specialty wall beds are great for commercial settings such as sleep clinics. While the bed is folded up, the resulting space serves as a workstation or exam table. When folded down, the comfortable built-in beds can provide patients or clients with a great night’s sleep. Contact Wilding Wallbeds for more information.


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